Joe Davis is a multi-media spoken word poet, teaching artist, and community organizer based in North Minneapolis, Minnesota. As a performer, he has toured the country and served as teaching artist at dozens of high schools and universities, committed to building community through poetry and song. His work is centered around the healing and liberation found in the sharing of human stories– with a particular focus on lifting up empowering narratives from marginalized voices. website

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Erica S. Schultz is an oral historian, writer, and editor based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She has been fascinated by people’s stories for as long as she can remember and believes they are invaluable to understanding our world as we seek a sustainable and just future. Since 2012, she has conducted over 150 hours of oral history interviews in Minnesota and around the country. Guided by a deep value in the importance of making these interviews accessible to the public, she has also created corresponding indexes, narratives and historical pieces of writing. website
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Annabelle Marcovici is an activist and visual storyteller (photographer + writer + journalist) based in Minneapolis. She grounds both her activism and her storytelling work in the questions, “What common sense ideas are causing problems, and how can I challenge them?” and “How can I use the tools at my disposal to help build a better world?” Inspired by powerful activists of color in her life and across the country, over the past few years she’s focused on using her skills to support their work and elevate the voices of those whose lives, experiences, and perspectives challenge dominant common sense. You can find her most recent work on her blog, including pieces she’s written and photographed for the Twin Cities Daily Planet and the Southwest Journal. website

Peter VanKoughnett is an organizer, web developer, musician and gardener.  He’s available for freelance web design work and specializes in WordPress and Nationbuilder development. Peter works with the web collaborative Big River Web Design.

Ben Linzmeier is a jack of many trades who has a love for words and all the ways humans communicate. He has been involved in many projects as a transcriptionist over the last couple years. When he’s not transcribing, you may find him painting houses and sometimes pictures. He also enjoys pondering and exploring the wonders of the cosmos from all vantage points.

Sophia Zdon is an illustrator and comic artist currently living in Minneapolis. She graduated from the School of Visual Arts in New York. You can find more of her work on her website.